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Web Browsers 2019 Changer?

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Author: RBLee @ | RGF LLC’s Article

Microsoft’s browsers are coming back, pushing against the other competitions. All thanks to Microsoft’s Edge. Not only Microsoft made a comeback in browser usage, but Internet Explorer had too. Pushing back the long loved Firefox and Chrome browsers.

I for one am a huge fan using Chrome. Used to be a Firefox only browser user. Overtime that changed due to the dynamic Google monopoly branches has ( Google play store to Google Docs to Google Extensions to other Google tools) which pivoted me fully to Chrome.

So, seeing the latest web analytics by Net Applications was a surprised. Was released last month in February. Well it was not all that much of a surprised. That is because for a while I questioned myself, “Why is Chrome still being used?”

The question kept popping up, overtime. Whenever I cleaned the Chrome browser every month from invasive extensions and plugins and unwanted bookmarks installing on the browser.

The cause always happened not from visiting unsafe sites. But from visiting friendly sites or from playing safe Facebook games using ADs Publishers. It is the ADs Publishers whom unknowingly pushed ADS by another party that installed invasive popup ADs into the Chrome Browser.

Now, using any other browsers you might still have the same problem. More widely a browser is used then more users are using them, and that means people are writing code to target those browsers. That is creating an unfriendly user experience and compatibility, for users.

Chrome and Firefox and Internet Explorer are more widely used. So it is a common threat to their users. Then again any browser will become a target when it climbs the rank. One of the reasons why I believe Microsoft’s Edge gained footage recently. Edge grew to 4.8%, about two-tenth of a point, since its highest point reached in September 2017. Not so much for the internet Explorer.

Internet Explorer is always known to be a target: By hackers (crackers) and by others. That because it is per-install in all Windows computers worldwide. However, I believe Internet Explorer is being used more often for another reason than Edge is, or other browsers.

Whenever you go to a WiFi hotspots like a Starbucks or McDonald you need to access the “WiFi’s connect me page.” Many devices will not connect to the page. Leaving you sipping away awkwardly as others surf the net. This awkward experience is due to an IP security protocol that blocks other browsers to connect onto the “WiFi’s connect me page.” Or a security feature that tells your device some foreign element is trying to access it, so the device blocks the access automatically. The simplest way to bypass this problem is to use Internet Explorer. Some reason the IE’s browser can make the connection.

I could be wrong, for the reason why Microsoft and Internet Explorer is pushing back. But, I doubt it. At least it is probably part of the reason why Internet Explorer and Microsoft browsing gone up.

By the web analytics mention by Net Application: Internet Explorer’s and Microsoft Edge’s combined footage rose by half a percentage point, 13%. This was the largest we have seen over a year’s time, March 2018. Thus, showing just alone Windows’ IE growth ending in last February at 87.4%. Windows overall went-up by 1.2 points. Another word, IE browsing on Windows’ devices soared two-tenths of a point–physically may not relayed like much but virtually the data does.

Microsoft Edge made a comeback was only because Windows 10’s users favored it. It rose to 40.3%. Yet, Microsoft Edge got a long way to go. Right now Edge is being rebuilt from the ground up with Google Chrome’s rendering and JavaScript engines.

Microsoft Edge is being redesigned to make web compatibility a non-issue for its users. That is the Edge rebuilt project. The project is being based off of an open-source code, called the Chromium project. If this project does not successfully, then Microsoft Edge will lose. But if it succeeds, then Firefox and Internet Explore browsers will be in trouble.

Either case Safari and Chrome and Firefox users declined. Yet, these browsers as of now remain on top, due to their features and user compatibility.

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