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NEW CPU, Moves Fast as LIGHT

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Author: Ryan Bennie Lee

Amazing, a new CPU was made. One that doesn’t use electrons, but use light. Literally, communicates through the speed of light. Pretty cool right. It is light speed ahead.

Amazing, a new CPU was made. One that doesn’t use electrons, but use light. Literally, communicates through the speed of light. Pretty cool right. It is light speed ahead.

Just thinking about it makes me feel like a Space-Cowboy. Just kidding, I am just spacing-out, on this new trippy amazing break-through in the tech world. A photonic-electronic chip, where the device has an orange part on the right that houses memory, and there are two rectangles nearest to the south end that house the computational cores, and the rest of the yellow parts on the device houses the photnic components.

In this new break-through technology will transform the tech world. Not just making the old CPUs obsolete, but how the design function can be applied to other technologies is the key. Once the new cpu’s patent design is applied to other electronic processing devices we will see a change. A change in the speed and transferring data at an enormous rate.

This will change Data-center, Servers, Cellphones, Tablets, Computers, Laptops, Internet, AI, Wifi and Myfi, and other electronics that relied on the old ways in using only electron circuit. I am mind blown to the high speed that coming on high wind, for our futuristic time is near. Flying cars, AI devices, space travel, and all those Science Fiction aeons we all come to dove over. Maybe, just maybe, the Aeon Fluex Compexsanter will come to fruition and a time machine– Now that is another topic on similar but different study. A breakthrough that consists of using photons and light and laser beams bouncing backwards with mirrors and other things, in cascading order. So far they have been able to send information back in data form only a few seconds.

Now this new type of CPU uses a “Photonic-Electronic Chip” giving more speed, making it quicker, and less a problem overheating or less likely to get corrupted in the long haul usage. The CPUs today and in the market are obsolete and outdated. They relied on an old outdated design that relies on electrons. Making them acceptable to getting corrupted in the long usage and to overheat and are limited compared to this New CPU.

Still, this jump in using photons is still relaid in using electrons. However, it is the photons that make the data zip faster. That is why it will have a huge impact on Data-centers, Data-mining, AI, computer processing, and every other gadget that uses CPU and needs them. If they applied this concept to other tech then soon all devices will transform. This impact will change the world around us. From the gadgets we use to the environment we live.

Proudly, I can say this break-through technology was found and created by a group of twenty-two scientists/researchers from three USA universities: MIT, Berkely University, and Colorado University Boulder. (The light time beam technology mention earlier is also being researched and designed by a USA university.) Now what company will adopt this new tech first?

More likely all companies in time will adopt this “Light Speed CPU.” But the one company who moves first adding this new technology design will benefit the most. I for one hope it is AMD, for they have already won me over with their new chips over INTEL and NVIDIA. And to know who to invest in is not just knowing the big name brands, but looking at small public trading companies or private companies to invest in can pay off. For it will be a company that handles this change or adaptation to the old CPUs to the New CPUs will be making the money. Anyway, that is what I think. Just like everything in life, it is best to do your own research on things, for I am just a fellow enthusiast with an interest in the technology world and the components therein.

I am not just saying this as a tech geek/nerd geeking out, but saying this as someone that works with a team who have been in the IT tech field for over 11 years, and who owns an electronic reseller business called,

It is pretty cool we are in a time when these futuristic tech concepts are starting to be applied. I for one cannot wait for the light-speed ahead.

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